International Transport, Trade & Energy

Shepstone & Wylie has a number of legal experts who are able to advise you on matters related to:
  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • Off-shore & Energy
  • Customs
  • International Trade

maritime-claims-pdfFor general information on all the legal aspects of local shipping, please feel free to consult the Shesptone & Wylie Guide “A Practical Overview on Enforcement and Defense of Maritime Claims in South Africa

Members of the International Transport, Trade and Energy Department may be contacted at any time whatsoever. In addition, there is a scheduled member of the International Transport, Trade & Energy Department on duty during weekends and on holidays who may be reached on a mobile phone number if no-one is contactable on the designated land-line.

Shepstone & Wylie also have an emergency response procedure to deal with shipping casualties of any nature. This procedure includes the ability to contact relevant emergency services, experts in a wide range of shipping matters and to mobilise whatever support may be necessary to deal with any crisis as it arises.

In addition, we offer a free ship watch service.

Should you require further details of our international transport, trade and energy services, please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the International Transport, Trade & Energy Department.

Please click on the name of any of the attorney’s for further contact details and a short CV.

Please take note that the partners and professional staff of the International Transport, Trade & Energy department provide their services strictly in accordance with the firm’s Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

Download the standard terms and conditions of engagement.

Knowledge and Insights for International Transport, Trade & Energy: