Port Authorities Ban all Diving and Fishing in Durban Harbour- Update 10 June 2019

Durban shipping and trade journalist Terry Hutson has reported in Africa Ports & Ships Newsletter that Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has provisionally lifted its ban on fishing, commercial diving and other marine activities in the Port of Durban, which ban was applied after sewage was discovered flowing into the port from the local municipality’s sewer reticulation system.  The Harbour Master at the Port of Durban, Captain Sabelo Mdlalose, said that marine water quality in the port has substantially improved although it remains compromised in some areas of the port and he called on port users to exercise care when making contact with port waters especially in areas within close proximity of stormwater outfalls and canals.  Water quality monitoring commissioned by TNPA and conducted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research on 10, 20, 24 and 31 May indicated that faecal contamination in the port is decreasing.  Further testing will take place in the coming days.  Captain Mdlalose said that TNPA would not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by anybody choosing to make contact with port waters before TNPA declared these waters as fully safe.