28 May 2019

Possible IMO STCW 'White List' Delisting of South Africa- Further update

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Terry Hutson has reported in Africa Ports & Ships Newsletter that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has advised the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) that it will re-approach its listing process following discussions in London.  SAMSA’s acting CEO, Mr Sobantu Tilayi, said that the discussions on the matter had concluded that the drawing up of the list of countries for delisting from the STCW Convention ‘White List’ earlier this year had not followed due process.  Mr Tilayi said that the IMO then agreed to withdraw the list of affected countries and embark on a process that is fair and transparent over the next year or two.  The list that was drawn up earlier this year will not be presented to the IMO Maritime Safety Committee scheduled to sit in June.  Mr Tilayi said that this means that South Africa is no longer facing a threat of being delisted from the White List; however, South Africa remains on course to complete its compliance work during the period that SAMSA understood was required, with work to be completed by the end of 2019.