Shepstone & Wylie has a number of legal experts who are able to advise you on matters related to:

  • Maritime

  • Aviation

  • Logistics

  • Off-shore & Energy

  • Customs

  • International Trade

For general information on all the legal aspects of local shipping, please feel free to consult the Shesptone & Wylie Guide “A Practical Overview on Enforcement and Defense of Maritime Claims in South Africa

Members of Shipping & Logistics may be contacted at any time whatsoever. In addition, there is a scheduled member of the department on duty during weekends and on holidays who may be reached on a mobile phone number if no-one is contactable on the designated land-line.

Shepstone & Wylie also have an emergency response procedure to deal with shipping casualties of any nature. This procedure includes the ability to contact relevant emergency services, experts in a wide range of shipping matters and to mobilise whatever support may be necessary to deal with any crisis as it arises.

In addition, we offer a free ship watch service.

Should you require further details of our international transport, trade and energy services, please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the Shipping & Logistics team.

Please take note that the partners and professional staff of Shipping & Logistics provide their services strictly in accordance with the firm’s Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

Download the Standard Terms and Conditions of Engagement