16 Jul 2021

SASRIA Claims Procedure

by Erika Holmes, Partner, Durban,

SASRIA SOC Limited is the only insurance company in South Africa that provides cover for damages caused by civil commotion, riots and public unrest as has been experienced in KZN and parts of Gauteng this past week.  It is a state-owned entity and receives funding from premiums paid by private businesses.  These premiums are usually included as part of a typical business insurance policy and range from R50 to R200 per annum, depending on the level of cover selected – up to R500 million per claim.  Most business insurance policies will include SASRIA cover.

The online claims system management must be used to submit a claim - https://www.sasria.co.za/claims-management/  Click the “Produce Engage” button.

What you need to know in order for SASRIA to process a claim that your business may have following this week’s events are:

  • SASRIA must receive your claim in writing within 30 days of the date of the event;
  • Your insurance broker may submit the claim or you may submit it directly to SASRIA at newclaims@sasria.co.za, although you may be better off processing it through your broker;
  • SASRIA will require various documentation from you, including proof of payment of the premiums and a quantum estimation;
  • Additional documentation must be sent to claims@sasria.co.za using the claim reference number given to you in the subject line;
  • Thereafter the claim will be assessed by a loss adjustor who will also manage any salvage;
  • Any repairs must first be approved by SASRIA who will issue a clearance certificate;
  • An agreement of loss must then be concluded between SASRIA and the insured.


Please contact Erika Holmes at holmes@wylie.co.za at Shepstone & Wylie if you need further info.