03 May 2019

Appointment of Mohammed Mahomedy as new acting group Chief Executive of Transnet

Durban shipping and trade journalist Terry Hutson has reported in Africa Ports & Ships Newsletter on the announcement by the Transnet board of directors that the contract of the acting group chief executive, Tau Morwe, will not be further extended.  Mr Morwe served two three-month terms as acting group chief executive following the dismissal of Siyabonga Gama in October 2018.  Mr Morwe previously held positions as head of three Transnet divisions before his retirement some years ago.  He was brought back by President Cyril Ramaphosa to serve a three-month contract as acting group chief executive after Mr Gama’s removal.  His contract was renewed for a further three months ending 30 April 2019.

Mohammed Mahomedy has been appointed as Transnet’s new group chief executive but also in an acting capacity. Mr Mahomedy has been Transnet’s acting chief financial officer for the past 12 months.

The Transnet board said in a statement that it is committed to continuing with the programme and plans started by Mr Morwe, aimed at addressing the issues facing the parastatal.