12 Sep 2018

Transnet provides update on DCT berth deepening project

by Tony Edwards, Partner, Durban,
Practice Area(s): Shipping & Logistics |

It has been reported today in FTW Online that Transnet has announced the names of the companies appointed to undertake construction work to deepen the berths at Durban Container (DCT) Pier 2 North Quay.  The upgrade will enable the port to accommodate newer generation container vessels by 2023.

Currently Super Post Panamax vessels of 9200 TEU and larger take up two berths on the North Quay, shrinking port capacity, while larger vessels can only enter the channel at high tide, which results in delays and vessel queues at outer anchorage.

According to the report in FTW Online:

  1. The marine infrastructure work will be executed in three successive phases, commencing with work on berth 205, followed by berth 204 and ending with berth 203.  This will enable the port to accommodate two vessels at any time between berths 203 to 205 even while one berth is decommissioned.
  2. A new quay wall will be constructed 50 metres seawards of the existing quay wall along berths 203 to 205, and will provide sufficient water depth to accommodate larger Post Panamx vessels.  The existing quay wall will be deepened from -12.8 metres to -16.5 metres Chart Datum Port (CDP) and lengthened from 914 metres to approximately 1 210 metres to allow for the simultaneous berthing of three 350 metre long Post Panamax vessels.
  3. Dredging will be carried out to deepen the turning basin and approach channel serving berths 203 to 205 from -12.8 metres to -16.5 metres CDP.
  4. Seven existing 80-ton STS cranes at DCT Pier 2 will be modified to suit the profile of the new quay wall structure and to serve berths 205 to 203.