04 Jul 2018

Revolutionary Transport Union of South Africa Calls for Strike Action

by Tony Edwards, Partner, Durban,
Practice Area(s): Shipping & Logistics |

Reported in Africa's Ports & Ships Newsletter dated 4th July 2018

Durban shipping and trade journalist Terry Hutson has reported in today’s Africa Ports & Ships Newsletter that the Revolutionary Transport Union of South Africa (RETUSA) has called for indefinite strike action to take place on Wednesday 11 July.

RETUSA is a small union with approximately 4 500 members, which earlier this year led strike action targeting Bayhead Road, the main thoroughfare to and from the Durban Container Terminal.  It succeeded in disrupting operations at several of the Transnet Port Terminals in Durban.

RETUSA’s main complaint is apparently that Transnet pays attention only to the larger unions and that its members have been victimised and harassed even for minor infractions.