23 Jan 2021

Port of Durban- Tropical Storm Warning!

by Tony Edwards, Partner, Durban,
Practice Area(s): Shipping & Logistics |

The Harbour Master of the Port of Durban, approximately 80 nautical miles south of Richards Bay, has issued a Tropical Storm Warning, which is attached.

Strong winds gusting more than 45 knots from Tropical Storm Eloise are predicted from Sunday until Monday. As in Richards Bay, some vessels on berths more exposed to strong winds may be evacuated from the port and all vessels are advised to keep a good watch and put out additional lines to ensure safe mooring.

In addition, vessels in port are required to have engines on immediate standby.  Vessels at anchor are advised to shift position away from the coastline, to a suggested minimum of three nautical miles, and also to have engines on immediate standby.

Storm Warning- Port of Durban