30 Aug 2016

Shipping Update: Concentrated Inspections on Cargo Securing Arrangements

by Tony Edwards, Partner, Durban, Shane Dwyer, Consultant, Durban,

The Secretariat of the Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding (“IOMOU”) on Port State Control has announced that its member Authorities will be undertaking a concentrated inspection campaign (“CIC”) on Cargo Securing Arrangements, for three months from 1 September until 30 November 2016.

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (“SAMSA”) is the South African member Authority of the IOMOU and is expected to participate fully in the CIC.  SAMSA has offices and surveyors at all the major South African ports.

Port State Control Officers will apply a questionnaire listing eight selected areas to be covered during the CIC.  These areas include the cargo securing manual, lashings/fittings and sufficient availability of cargo securing devices on board.  A copy of the questionnaire is attached.

If deficiencies are found, action taken may vary from the giving of instructions to rectify within a certain period for minor infractions, to the detention of the ship for serious deficiencies.