11 Sep 2015

New BEE Sector Code for the Media Industry

by Erika Holmes, Partner, Durban,

This week, the new Sector Code for the Media Industry was published in its final form.  This means that all businesses operating in marketing, advertising, public relations and/or communications industries must have their BEE score assessed on the basis of this Code and not the general Codes of Good Practice.  The overall scorecard for these industries now looks like this:



25 Points


Management Control

27 Points


Skills Development

30 Points


Enterprise and Supplier Development

42 Points


Socio-economic Development Initiatives

5 Points


Responsible Marketing and Communications

5 Points


Total Weighting Points

134 Points




The targets for ownership to achieve maximum points include general black ownership of 40% voting rights and 30% economic interest, which both increase to 45% in 2018.