03 Feb 2020

Coronavirus Protocols Implemented at South African Ports

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency on Thursday, 30 January 2020 as the Coronavirus outbreak spread rapidly across the globe.

Following the declaration by the WHO, Transnet has as a preventative measure implemented the following strict protocols together with additional procedures for all vessels entering South African ports.

  • Transnet National Ports Authority employees have been provided with protective gear such as masks and gloves and are required to wear this protective gear when going on board or dealing with potentially affected vessels.
  • All foreign vessels entering the ports must receive permission from the Port Health Department (free pratique) to enter a South African port on the captain’s undertaking that the ship is free of any contagious disease. A record of the last 10 ports of call must be kept.
  • A record of all vessels calling from affected areas will also be kept.
  • During this period, all South African citizens including marine pilots must not consume any food or liquids on board vessels from high-risk areas.
  • In the event of reports of infection on board a vessel, the vessel may dock, but no personnel will be permitted to board the vessel until the vessel has been cleared by Port Health.
  • No crew members will be able to leave a vessel or be taken off a vessel until the vessel has been cleared by Port Health.
  • If any stowaways are found prior to berthing, the vessel will have to remain at anchor until the stowaways have been examined and cleared by Port Health.
  • All waste from vessels from affected areas will have to be incinerated and will not be accepted ashore.

The preventative measures also apply to yachts.  All yachts coming into the country from all areas, must be reported to the South African Police Services and the Port Health Department. Yacht skippers will be informed to ensure that they and their crew remain isolated on-board until cleared by Port Health.

For more information regarding the Coronavirus, please contact the NICD, or visit their website www.nicd.ac.za